Bersted Zero Single Speed Model Model 1250R

McGraw-Edison Company, Bersted Division, Circa 1958

A collection of images from a restored vintage electric fan. Has a high speed 2 pole motor and light aluminum blade that spins up to 3600 r.p.m. (assuming no load or asynchronous induction slip). The effective range for this fan is 2-8 feet and is perfect as a desktop fan.

An inexpensive "drug store" fan that was made as a cheap alternative to more feature filled, higher quality electric fans. Built with planned obsolescence in mind, this low quality fan of its time is actually considered to be of high quality today. Probably only cost $8 in the mid 1950's. Not a collector's item, but one of the few fans that is easy to work on and still very affordable in good condition.

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Valued in the range of $65 - $85.