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NavigationControlX Ver and WebNavigationControlX Ver 1.7

updated 8/27/2023

NavXScreenShot.Png .Net 2.0 composite control used as a classic record navigation object with tape machine style buttons. Adjustable multi-speed fast scrolling abilities in both directions (desktop version only). Useful for developers who wish to have a simple, easy to implement, but elegant navigation control for collections too large for other controls. Two versions available, one for desktop applications and the other for AJAX Web applications. Web version demonstrated through the Web version of SNL Database listed below.

desktop version Web version

SNL Database Version 2.84   (updated 5/30/2024)

StartUpScreenShot.Jpg Collection of elegant and robust database entry forms with a user interface that is easier to work with and less prone to human error. The sample data represents an anthology of the entire possible collection of material from the show Saturday Night Live. Multi-threaded interface, user editable data (e.g. add, delete, modify), database reporting, multi-aspect ratio preview images, fast scrolling navigation, 3 tier design and data validation. Schema obtained programatically. Database updated quarterly. Interface can be modified with minor programming effort in order to work with most any MS Access/SQL database that incorporates parent/child table relationships. Click on the "View Web" link to see the simplified Web version of the desktop application and usage of WebNavControlX. Data edits allowed. Preview scaled down versions of high definition 1080i video & 5.1 audio from the most current seasons. Based on the premise that "We watch SNL so you don't have to". It has been stated that 90% of the show is not worth watching, but consider that it has been on for more than 45 years. That is more than 100 hours of good entertainment over the lifespan of the show assuming each show contains about 7 minutes worth of legitimate material.

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Bootstrap and JQuery


updated 4/28/2023

HohnerAccordion2.pngAlso known as Bootstrap Collapse, this plug-in facilitates the ability to make collapsible divisions on a page. This version has been altered and includes a sizeable set of enhanced features.

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JQPlot Charts

updated 5/21/2023

PieChart.pngJQPlot charts is a purely javascript plug-in which has been modified to highlight pie slices and associated legend. Data stored and retrieved from MySQL database.

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.Net Applications

Streaming Audio PlayerX   (updated 9/10/2023)

AudioPlayerXScreenshot.jpg Asp.Net MCV 4 Web application with a SQL to Entity tier for the streaming of media content over the Web. Asynchronous calls to the server loads song titles as they are needed. Responsive application and reasonably scaled for mobile devices although meant for home theatre usage. Easy access to artist, album and song titles. Clicking checkboxes adds titles to play list. Clicking play list items starts streaming at that item and will continue to the end of the play list. Can skip ahead or behind. Will display album art and titles. Notice : The streaming content contained within is *.wav and *.mp3 file encoded. Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and newer supports HTML5 audio player, but will not work in earlier versions. IE also does not support the playback of *.wav files through HTML5 audio player. As a result, IE browsers are directed to *.mp3 versions of audio.

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Streaming Media Meta Data Collector (S2MDC) Version 1.02

updated 5/10/2020

WindowsAppDataConverterScreenShot.Jpg. Application for the collection and summary of EAC (Exact Audio Copy) log file data within a selected logical folder structure. The output is a text file which is formatted for human readability and set up for the extraction of information that can be used to create a relational database from a delimited text file. Intended for people who use EAC to extract data from a large number of sources and useful for the detection of questionable data. Also includes SQl Server commands for inserting into database that should be modified to reflect actual file paths.

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.Net Applications

Stroboscope Disk

updated 7/08/2023

StrobeDiskScreenShot.Jpg Windows strobe disk generator for calibrating turntable speed settings. Will produce a strobe drawing from multiple speeds at 60 or 50 cycles. Any directed light source will work (excluding battery operated flashlights). The server side images are generated dynamically and do not consume any storage space on the server. AJAX controls update the panel without a full PostBack to the server. When the user clicks on an option the image is automatically generated without the user losing the context position on the page. Click on "View Web" to view. Click "download here" to get desktop application from an unknown author.

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Yahtzee Version updated 8/8/2013

YaktzeeScorePad.jpg Front end WPF application for a neural network engine. Unlike many game engines that are based on pure number crunching algorithms, this one's decisions are based on previous learned experiences along with a basic understanding on how the game is played. By observing the outcomes of its decisions and adjusting weighted criteria it is able to obtain a better average score over time. Human intuition works in this fashion.

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