KwikWay 8" Single Speed Table Fan, Catalog No. K-150-0, Circa 1942

A collection of images from a restored antique single speed electric fan. "The Wonder Airmaker, Table, Wall, Anywhere" fan has a steel cage and stamped steel blades and motor housing. Can be adjusted for many angles and could be hung from a wall. This was the type of fan that you would find at a "Five and Dime" type store. These type of stores often stocked low priced and often lower quality type items. This fan happens to be of higher quality and probably cost a little more. Not many of these around today.

The flash from the camera reveals imperfections and discolorations that can only been seen under magnification and under abnormal lighting conditions. You can zoom in on the images if you mouse over them. During autoplay zoom is disabled. Shrinking the browser window will shrink its contents possibly making it easier to view the gallery.

Valued in the range of $50 - $70.