Custom Audio Rack Entertainment Center, December 2014

A collection of images from a custom build and finished audio rack on wheels that has 8 detachable shelves capable of holding 270 pounds beyond its own weight. Elements of Streamline Moderne (post Art Deco) and steam punk embody this odd piece of furniture.

Needing an entertainment center capable of holding several pieces of equipment including a television proved to be very arduous. There are lots of solutions out there that can be bought and/or modified as needed, but very few are cost effective particularly when most of the products out there only have 3 to 4 shelves. Typically a larger, quality piece will cost around $700 for a modest single piece or upwards of $2000 for a really nice one with a few more shelves. With that in mind and the desire for customization UserX proceeded to plan and build.

The camera flash shows dust and discolorations that may be there, but would not normally be noticed or seen under cleaner conditions or normal lighting. You can zoom in on the images if you mouse over them. During autoplay zoom is disabled.

The purpose of this gallery is not to showcase an unusual item or drum up business to build more, but rather point out some of the benefits and difficulties associated with such a product. Much like military experience, its the type of thing you want to do once, but not again.

Valued in the range of $1100 - $1500.