Audio specialties include restoration of old, out of print recordings. Many recorded media platforms are supported including cassette tape, 7½ inch reel tape and records with non-standard speeds (16, 76.59, 78.26, etcetera). The restoration process includes elimination of the inherent pops, clicks and scratches found on all records. Hiss and other types of continuous noise are vastly reduced and are otherwise unnoticeable. The process continues with raising the gain of the recording to take advantage of the CD media. Other anomalies are eliminated or otherwise masked. In some cases, depending on the source, the signal may be altered to preserve the sound quality intended at the time of the recording. As an example, a recording made in 1950 may lose certain warmth transferred to CD that would be otherwise found on vacuum tube equipment of that era. The process to recapture that sound is performed through a series of algorithms that emulate vacuum tubes from various amplifiers of the time period.

When available, the original artwork from the recording is digitally enhanced and scaled for the CD case. Any tears, rips, stains or missing pieces from the original artwork are repaired and undetectable. Often, ring-wear from records detract from an otherwise excellent condition album. Of course, ring-wear is eliminated from the final graphical output. The original record label is also converted and used as a label for the CD. Songs titles for the label are also available for people who place their CD's in CD carriers without the original case. Booklets for the CD are also available when applicable and represent the booklet or text from the original album.

The restored sound files are recorded onto the highest quality CD-R media available. The final product has a very professional look and sound. As a guarantee, each one comes with a limited lifetime warranty against defects and wear. The CD's will play on more than 99% of all CD players including home, portable, automotive and computer CD-ROMs.The pictures below are samples of some of the restorations. Click on the CD cover picture for any piece of work to see the description and a much larger sample of the artwork.

As of the year 2020 there is not a permanent solution for placing audio onto CD's without factory production in mass quantities. M-Disc shows a lot of promise, but is only made for DVD-R and Blu-ray BD-R. The very best CD-R's only last about 5 years before they start to degrade. As a result, any custom resoration work can only be transferred through non-permanent media.