Diamond Spirit of St. Louis Mechanical Alarm Clock (circa 1997)

A collection of images from a very stylish analogue clock manufactured by Shanghai Diamond from The People's Republic of China. It has been serviced and calibrated.

The Spirit of St. Louis is the single-engine plane that was flown by Charles Lindbergh in 1927, on the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight from New York to France. In 1928 he presented the plane to the Smithsonian Institution where it has been on display for almost 100 years.

In 1932, twenty-month-old Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr. was abducted from his crib in the Lindberghs' rural home in East Amwell, New Jersey. A man who claimed to be the kidnapper picked up a cash ransom of $50,000. 40 days later the child's remains were found in woods not far from the Lindbergh home.

Not sure why a Chinese clock company would name a clock after a famous plane, but there you have it.

The flash from the camera makes the black paint look brighter than it actually is. You can zoom in on the images if you mouse over them. During autoplay zoom is disabled. Shrinking the browser window will shrink its contents possibly making it easier to view the gallery.

Valued in the range of $45 - $55.