E. H. Stafford Manufacturing Company Cast Iron School Desk, Circa 1906

A collection of images from a newly restored antique cast iron and wood "school desk" from a manufacturer that specialized in church and office furniture until the mid 1920's (possibly later). Typically speaking, furniture is refinished, but this piece required so much work it is considered a "restoration". There is an incredible story behind this desk's history and it happens to be a real survivor.

On or about September 10, 1985 this desk was found in Norfolk, Virginia on I-64 East somewhere between Tidewater Drive and Northampton Boulevard smashed into pieces on the side of the highway. Must have been a real heartbreak for the person that lost it. On the other hand, it has had all of the broken pieces nicely repaired and is in nicer condition than it has been in more than 50 years.

The flash from the camera makes the chair look rougher or dirtier than it really is. You can zoom in on the images if you mouse over them. During autoplay zoom is disabled.

Valued in the range of $775 - $1750.