1983 Lodge Skillet Set Sizes 8,5 and 3

Weight : Size 8 4 lbs. 13.7 oz., Size 5 3 lbs. 3.1 oz., Size 3 2 lbs. 0.8 oz.

A collection of images from 3 vintage cast iron skillets made somewhere around 1983. Lodge didn't mark their pans with their logo after the 1930's through the mid 1980's. Typically, Lodge skillets have 3 notches in their heat ring : one in the 9, 12 and 3 o'clock position. These three skillets were found together and in very good condition. They were probably purchased at the same time and didn't appear to have been abused or used very much. Unlike the Lodge skillets made today or even 25 years ago, these skillets happen to have smooth interior surfaces. They cook well and don't cause any problems. The nice thing is that Lodge makes lids for the size 8 and 5 today that will fit. The size three lid isn't available from Lodge, but there is a amber glass Pyrex lid will fit and is still in production today. There is an abundance of them in thrift stores. Unfortunately recent vintage Lodge skillets aren't worth very much. On the other hand, they are certainly worth having if the price is right and they are in "ready to use" condition.

The flash from the camera makes the skillets look brighter than they normally do. You can zoom in on the images if you mouse over them. During autoplay zoom is disabled. Shrinking the browser window will shrink its contents possibly making it easier to view the gallery.

Valued in the range of $20 - $30 for all three.