RCA 45-EY-3 Bakelite Record Player, Circa 1952

$377 plus shipping

A collection of images from a finished restoration of a very fine and highly collectible three vacuum tube mono amplifier 45 multi-player capable of stacking 14 records. Many of the models were copper plated so that the factory paint would stick to them better. This particular unit has had the paint stripped away and repainted with a brilliant gold metallic enamel and clear coated to protect and add depth to the finish. A little brighter and shinier than the original. Very difficult to match the original finish and most people don't seem to care as long as it's somewhat close.

The camera flash makes the unit look more dusty or dirty than it really is. You can zoom in on the images if you mouse over them. During autoplay zoom is disabled.

This unit is for sale and others for sale will be listed in the gallery at a later time.