1951 Guardian Ware

A collection of aluminum ware photographs from from pre-WWII and the early 1950's.

Guardian Service cookware (GS), aka Guardian Ware, is a highly sought after collectible made by Century Metalcraft Corporation of Los Angeles, California from the mid 1930s until 1956, when the plant burned down. Independent salesman sold GS cookware similar to the way that Tupperware was sold during the 1960s. A hostess would host a party at their house, and invite several of their friends over. At these dinner parties, the GS salesman would prepare a delicious meal for the guests, all in hopes of selling them some of the GS cookware. GS cookware was considered to be an expensive set of cookware during the 1940s and 50s. It would cost about a month's pay to buy the full set. In today's dollars, that would be about $2,500! In many cases, the dinner party guests would only buy one or two pieces.

Constructed out of hammered aluminum it is considered to be heavy-duty and almost "bullet proof" in contrast to today's cookware. During the pre-WWII years, this cookware had metal lids. Because of the rationing during the War, the lids were made from oven-proof glass. GS cookware has the trademark Knight's helmet logo stamped on the bottom of the cookware. There were 3 different designs of the logo: One had the Knight's helmet and crossed swords, the next had the helmet and 2 stars on either side, and the last version had the helmet and 3 stars on either side. The glass lids also were etched with the Knight's helmet, but they also had crossed battle axes.

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Valued in the range of $150 - $225.