Emerson 16" Brass Blade Stationary, Type 26648, Serial #A72210, Circa 1920

A collection of images from a semi-restored antique electric fan which was made from 1919 to 1922. A three speed stationary fan that is very heavy and runs quiet considering the large amount of air it moves. This is the non-oscillating companion fan to the Emerson 27-series fans made during the same time period. The 5-digit Emerson Type or model numbers encode information about the fan. The 26 is the series, 6 for power line frequency in tens of cycles per second, 4 for the number of blades, and 8 for the blade radius in inches. This fan uses Emerson's unique hollow stationary shaft single bearing. The fan blade hub screws onto the rotor, which rotates on this hollow shaft, which is filled with oil from the single oil port on the fan's back. The unique blades on this fan are called Parker blades, named after Herbert L Parker, who invented them. They were first patented in 1899.

The flash from the camera makes the unit look less smooth and polished than it really is. You can zoom in on the images if you mouse over them. During autoplay zoom is disabled. Shrinking the browser window will shrink its contents possibly making it easier to view the gallery.

Valued in the range of $250 - $325.