Hunter 16 inch Steel Blade Electric Fan, Catalog #262, Type CG-16, Series D, Circa 1948

A collection of images from a finished restoration of a very fine antique electric fan. A three speed oscillator that runs well all three speeds. A strong, quiet fan where each speed is relatively fast, but distinct. Good for all season use.

Closely resembles the other Hunter CG-16 electric fan listed on this Website. This one happens to be a little nicer. It has a steel blade and the rotor has fins that cool the motor a little more. The cord is rayon covered that simulates silk cord used on more expensive appliances from a long time ago. A few extra embellishments have been done to make the fan a little nicer. As a result it is worth a little more.

The images are of a high resolution and as a result, the natural ambient outdoor light makes the unit look less smooth and polished than it really is. You can zoom in on the images if you mouse over them. During autoplay zoom is disabled. Shrinking the browser window will shrink its contents possibly making it easier to view the gallery.

Valued in the range of $260 - $310.